The situation so far

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Mon 8 Dec 2014 12:43
We got into a marina at Puerto Rica on the south west corner of Grand Canaria yesterday lunchtime having had to turn round at around 7.00am and motor back into a big sea as we had passed Gran Canaria and the southern most tip of Fuerta Ventura in the night. We had been sailing well with a poled out Genoa and doing between 6 and 7.5 knots - the sea was moderate but lumpy and the boat was rolling so difficult to sleep. During the day Merryn had done very well but Sam was seasick and during that night she was sick and the children did keep Alex awake quite a lot of the night. So by the time we got into the marina yesterday lunchtime with both Merryn and Sam being quite sick in the big sea we were all pretty shattered and disappointed as we had had to go backwards. However it would have been silly to carry on without a working generator and we weren't that far from Gran Canaria . If we had been closer to Cape Verde then we would have carried on and done without for a couple of days.

So yesterday afternoon Dan and David tried to find out what the problem was , located a Fischer Panda engineer here and Alex and I took the children to the beach and we had a swim which was very pleasant. This whole area around the marina is built up with flats so not our favourite spot but chosen as the closest and had a boatyard. It was an early night for everyone and we have all had a good sleep.

This morning Monday we discovered it's public holiday but fortunately the Fischer Panda man was prepared to come out and have a look. That was the good news the bad news which David and Dan had suspected is that having found sea water inside the generator which had shorted the electrics is that we need a new generator. When this can be supplied and fitted is now the next question.

In the meantime some washing has been done, a walk into town to see what there is - not a lot - definitely a holiday resort! David is waiting for the quote from the engineer and basically watch this space. I will report back once we know what is happening. Meanwhile we are regrouping and its a chance to have further discussion as to how we proceed.

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