12th October - Loano

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Mon 15 Oct 2018 06:37

Well what a difference 24 hours makes weather wise. On Wednesday 10th we caught the train to Genoa ( will rewrite this post soonish but it was written and deleted in error!) from Varazze and had a good and interesting day out . It was forecast to rain heavily late afternoon but we did manage to get back to the boat before it started and got the washing in. Well rain it did - started later than forecast but I woke in the middle of the night to a damp bed on my side but half asleep thought bother and went back to sleep by the time we woke in the morning it was very damp and a consistent drip was coming in through the closed hatch!! ( its not the first time this has happened on my side of the bed - we had problems when we first bought the boat in Palma but that was resolved so why again but it was very heavy rain and it turned out to be a loose handle which David tightened very quickly with a screw driver. Crossing the Atlantic in the Rustler it seemed to leak over where I slept periodically too! ) so a rainy day was a day to catch up with blogs emails and various jobs that needed doing on the boat. We also managed a visit to the supermarket and were glad restaurants were very close to hand. The bedding got dried out by putting the heating on!!

We woke on Friday to a good sunset and one very clean boat! We didn’t rush to set off as not going far along the coast and David thought there was somewhere about half way where we could anchor for lunch and I could have a swim which is what we did.

It was a beautiful day and we did manage a couple of short sails the first one I have written in the log ‘cracking sail 5-7 knots. but a chilly wind and we decided it was due to the cloud coming over the mountain and then another short sail as we neared Loano when the wind suddenly got up not forecast but useful. This does seem to happen quite a bit.

We got into the entrance to the marina and had to wait 10 minutes and then the guys in their rib came out to meet us and told us we would be alongside the pontoon not the usual reverse parking which meant we had to change all the ropes around and lower the fenders and move one across but all done by the time we got there and they were ready to catch the ropes. Very easy and nice to be just able to step off the boat without having to first lower the dinghy in its davits and then put the passarelle across.

Lovely modern marina very quiet and big yacht club as part of the complex where we had a superb evening meal and a local wine. Second time though we’ve been somewhere with a swimming pool but closed for the season?? I’d had a lovely swim round the boat at lunchtime water 22-23 degrees.

The next morning we went for a walk into the town along the promenade where people out like us enjoying yet another days sunshine . We also stopped for coffee and croissant for breakfast along with many others . We then thought we should see what was behind the front and it turned out to be a lovely old town with some interesting shops and alleyways. Then it was time to leave and head for the next marina along the coast.

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