Overnight in Lavanzo

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Fri 22 Sep 2017 18:40

We motored across from Trapani and found a mooring buoy in the bay we'd been to many times before. There were several other boats in there. At a second attempt ( there was a swell ) I managed to get us attached to the mooring buoy and Marine Reserve guys In a rib took some lines to attach us to the buoy which was very helpful and meant we didn't have to launch the dinghy. They also needed forms filling uthe t and payment! David had checked the weather forecast and we knew it was due to blow up during the night and it had been quite lumpy coming across but we hadn't expected the swell to get into the bay. Well to cut a long story short it was a 'bloody awful night ' very windy and noisy , the boat rocking around all over the place and I wasn't at all well having developed a stinking cold. Couldn't understand why I had felt so tired on the Monday. So apart from the fact that we'd had a very nice supper - prawns that had been bought in the fish market followed by sausages and baked beans our visit to Lavanzo was nowhere near as pleasant as previous visits and weatherwise not what we expected for the start of this trip. On the plus side Moy Toad seemed to be ok and the engine worked fine.

So following a bad night ( for me very very little sleep David a tad more ) we still decided to set off on Wednesday morning on our journey eastwards round the north coast of Sicily heading off to pastures new! Sure there must be a more nautical term?

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