The British Virgin Islands - Monday 20th April

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Tue 21 Apr 2015 14:20
18:29.41N 64:22.79W

After a 13 hour sail from Anguilla we eventually arrived in Virgin Gorda Sound having passed Necker Island on the way in - too late to check in so we anchored in Gun Creek ( unfortunately not the nicest of spots no beach close by and a lot of wake from small boats returning home for the night) close to the Customs office so we could check in first thing in the morning. We had spotted several nice anchorages on the way in but as we weren't checked in and the books gave dire warnings that if you hadn't entered the country unofficially you could be fined a lot - we decided not worth the risk.

It was a 4.00am start the children stayed asleep in spite of having to put the engine on and we were able to spend the first couple of hours waking up and watching the night sky and dawn breaking. Always a lovely moment.

We had to motor sail for the first 4 hours but eventually some wind got up and we sailed albeit not that fast at 5-6 knots under the cruising shute and poled out Yankee reminiscent of crossing the Atlantic straight downwind. Very rolly but seas nowhere near the size of our time then. We also saw several other yachts heading in the same direction and a tanker. A very hot sunny day all trying to find the shade. It was also Alex's birthday so we played ' pass the parcel', she opened a few presents and we decked the boat with balloons! The 4 adults have all had their birthdays whilst on this adventure and on the day Dan had his we were half way across The Atlantic.

By the time we got here we were all pretty tired, the children had done very well and all very much in need of a swim and showers, a beer and supper.

The previous day before leaving Anguilla I and the children had made some chocolate brownies albeit from a packet, it had been a pretty messy affair but they were edible and with 'squirty cream' made an excellent birthday cake for Alex. We were the sole yacht in the anchorage so no one saw the game of musical statues but fun was had by all. Doubt any of our birthdays will be quite the same next year ?!

So we now have a week to explore the BVI by yacht. Oliver is joining us today ( he has been staying with his cousin and family on Tortola since arriving last Thursday) - it will be cosy on the boat but good to share the end of our adventure with him before he goes back across The Atlantic with Mor Toad and the hired skipper and crew.