Yesterday's walk and Mahon

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Thu 4 May 2017 14:07
Yesterday we got up quite late and decided we'd stay where we were and go for a walk along the coast. So dinghy into the water off the Davits and a short run ashore to the beach - this time without incident unlike the previous night when we had gone ashore tired after the days sail David didn't fall in the water getting out of the dinghy and I didn't end up unceremoniously in the bottom of the boat when the seat came off its fixings when David tugged at the bow line trying to get it onto the beach!!

We then found somewhere for a late breakfast before setting off westwards along the well signposted path which took us slightly inland through some Mediterranean scrub - grasses low bushes and the odd patch of woodland. Limestone and the path pretty dry so our feet were quite white by the time we'd finished . Like Cornwall just before we left the spring wildflowers were everywhere and very pretty and different . We came to the first Cala Macarella and had quite a long walk down to the beach but stunning and a Cafe ( noted for lunch on our way back- as we didn't know it was there we did have apple and cheese and water but proper lunch was more appealing) so up the other side of the gorge - the path pretty stony and rocky and we carried along to the next Cala Turqueta which is where we had anchored last year but decided would be too lumpy this time. Busy beach as it was a glorious sunny day with little wind so a lot people making the most of it. By this time we had walked the statuary 10,000 plus steps so decided to have a rest, eat our apple and enjoy the ambience. Few people in the water and it did look inviting but we hadn't taken swimming gear with us .

So setting off back up to the top again and this time we took a detour to the first Cala which was great and a different view, a huge motorboat in that arm of the Cala and lots of sunbathers but a rocky climb out back to the bit where the cafe was.

Very welcome stop for lunch and a drink and then back home. Thoroughly enjoyable walk much needed exercise and a reward of an ice cream at the end. Back to the boat for a cup of tea and then I did finally take the plunge and after the initial shock ( water temp. 16.5 ) I did swim 6 times round the boat and not a jelly fish in sight.

So a good day and today we got up early raised the anchor and motored out into quite a lumpy sea and headed east motoring to Mahon which is where we are now on a floating pontoon in the middle of the harbour, huge cruise liner just up river and although other yachts on the pontoon there doesn't appear to be anyone around. David has now washed the boat, I've started the laundry ( a washing machine on board -sheer luxury but it beats going to the launderette:-) ! ) Tomorrow we'll victual the boat. Our crew arrive Saturday and we shall set sail for Sardinia either very early Sunday or Monday - 36 hr. crossing.