The Canaries

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Mon 1 Dec 2014 22:04
We arrived back in Marina Rubicon yesterday with Alex, Dan, Merryn and Sam having all flown out of Gatwick in the morning after early starts for us all. We had a good flight Merryn got to meet the pilot at the end of the flight and they were both very good and patient especially as it took quite a while to get all our bags and then to get the two hire cars.

The boat was in good shape and after a much needed cup of tea and a bit of unpacking (though we still have bags in the cars which will have to be sorted and stuff put on board in next couple of days) Alex and I went to the supermarket in the marina with the children to get some food for breakfasts and lunches  whilst the men did a few boat jobs. We then had an early supper at one of the restaurants as all very hungry. By the end everyone was ready for bed and all in bed by 9pm

Today everyone woke up having had a good nights sleep all feeling much brighter and it was decided that David and Dan should sort more things out on the boat today to make sure things working (in case anything needs to be bought or ordered)  and they also needed to take the boat out of the marina to recommission the Water Maker. The latter is now done and one pipe for something else will arrive at The Chandlers tomorrow. 

Whilst they were doing that Alex and I walked the children to the beach and then spent the day playing on the beach - they really enjoyed that,(we did too) splashing in the water, playing hide and seek, building sandcastles and Merryn had us doing obstacle courses too. I did try swimming but although the water looked quite nice it wasn't that warm and it was a quick dip. It was also quite windy and we did have a few very light rain showers too. However not a bad way to spend the first day of December and walking back we all had an ice cream:-)

Tonight we've had dinner on board and showers in the block though all got quite wet getting back in a rainstorm. The children are already in bed and went to sleep quite quickly and we are certainly more awake tonight than last night but another good nights sleep won't go amiss. Some of us didn't sleep that well in our last few days in the UK with brains in overdrive making sure everything had been done when leaving homes for 6 months.

Tomorrow David and Dan will finish off a job or two on the boat then they will have the children whilst Alex and I finish unpacking , sort the boat and work out what we need to buy to add to the supplies already on the boat especially in the way of fresh fruit and vegetables. We haven't yet decided when we are setting off so you can check us out again in a couple of days as I am sure by then some sort of decision will have been taken.