End of sailing in Sardinia early JUNE 2018

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Sat 15 Sep 2018 10:04
It might be strange reading this now but I failed to post after we left in early June but thought worth posting now to finish one journey before we start the next.

It’s been a busy weekend weekend since we got into port late on Friday afternoon.

We were on the quay as opposed to in the marina ( we weren’t sure why?) busy and the ferries coming in and out of Corsica berthed nearby so also quite lot of traffic but quayside spotless and tree lined and pleasant cafe opposite which we didn’t use as had a lot of food on board to finish up. We were also next to the day pleasure cruisers that took people off to the Maddelenas Islands so they have been quite busy all weekend too. Good people watching spot though we didn’t have much time for that!

After tying up we all walked round to the marina office which was right the other  side where all the pontoons were. We needed to check the boat in and also check all the arrangements David had made by email for  the boat coming out of the water for the summer were in place. A lovely  lady Barbara in the office with very good English ( she had lived in London for 6 years) assured us they were and would we like to meet Bruno  in the yard to double check - so that was arranged for Saturday morning . We also checked on the cleaning of the boat and laundry and that too all seemed to be organised. Steph and Andy made arrangements for a taxi to take them to Olbia airport the following morning and we did the same for our journey on Monday.

We went and had a quick check of the boatyard and all seemed good. So back to the boat for showers and then a walk up into the town to find a restaurant a for dinner.

Saturday morning S and A needed to pack and Andy helped David with a few of the heavier putting away jobs and refilled the dive cylinder. Also several loads of washing were done which again dried very quickly. They left around lunchtime for their flight back to the UK and we walked up into town to have a look round and find a gelato. Lovely colourful town with a central market place with lots of stalls . We walked out to the peninsula and Corsica our destination in September seemed so close.

Once back on board we did some more sorting out and started the packing!! It was extremely hot and very noisy as one of the day cruise boats had come back in with many happy youngsters on board who continued their party on the quayside.

Saturday evening saw us walk back up into town for dinner.

Yesterday Sunday we decided we get as much done as we could in the morning and have the afternoon off. So before breakfast I cleaned and polished the screen of the spray hood to protect it over the summer and David washed  the boat . We wanted to get this all done before it got sunny. We also took the Bimini off and folded back the metal structure  that supports it and folded up the spray hood to put on board. The cockpit cushions were scrubbed and put away. We both did our packing and checked what food we had left and decided we’d eat on board .

After another buffalo mozzarella( bought fresh it’s so good)   and tomato salad for lunch we then got a taxi out to Cape Testa which had been recommended as a good spot to go and then we thought we could walk back. My back has been giving me quite a lot of pain I er the last few days so I was t sure but good to go exploring and see something different. Taxi worked well obviously a very  popular spot out there as row upon row of cars along the side of the road. We got dropped off at the end of the road and then walked up to the lighthouse giving good views across to Corsica. The area which isa nature reserve reminded us very much of north Cornish coast with its granit boulders and wildness. Obviously many walks around the cape but we didn’t linger and started the walk back past several well filled beaches at the start along the road but we eventually found the footpath which took us back along the rocky landscape to Santa Teresa. We were glad it wasnt any hotter and there was a slight breeze and occasionally shade and felt we certainly felt we deserved the gelato in the main square at the end . Bought from Onda Gelateria. For us interesting as we have a shop called Onda ( Italian for wave) in St Mawes .

Another walk down the hill to the marina few more jobs and then dinner of salad and cold meats we had. An early night as we had to be up at 6 or rather set the alarm for 6 as Bruno in the yard wanted us across there by 8.30 to lift the boat out of the water and get it safely stowed on dry land. This meant we had to have everything packed and sorted,  laundry bagged, recycling bagged and any left over food that we thought someone ashore could make use of so it could all be taken off the boat immediately it was in the dock.

We left the quayside with several children waving us goodbye and motored the short distance across to the boatyard Theo other side and they were waiting  for us.

Once across they were waiting to take her straight out of the water, bags were unloaded onto the quayside and within a short space of time the straps were on and out she came . The marina office sent a cart to take our bags , laundry etc to the office David stayed around to check everything went OK and also to put the covers on the boat and I went to wait . Finally all was done and the taxi arrived to take us to Olbia airport and our flight back to the U.K. for the summer until our return sometime in September to carry on the sailing adventure in the Med.

Very efficient team at the boatyard

Packed up for the summer

Packing up was exhausting 

Goodbye Sardinia

Goodbye Sardina

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