Saint Floret 23/24/25th September

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Tue 25 Sep 2018 10:50

Having left Calvi we motor sailed along the north coast. The seas had calmed down no other yachts out and apart from the noise of the engine it was a much calmer passage than the the previous day. Slightly more populated coastline though still hilly with some lovely looking beaches and as you got further east along the coast it becomes quite wild with lots of beaches and in all the little bays lots of small motor boats and people on the beaches enjoying a lovely Sunday. The area we discovered is called Desert de Agriate. Obviously good for hiking and in places one could see the coastal path but it certainly didn’t seem to be an area accessible by road.

We arrived in the marina mid afternoon disappointingly not having seen any wildlife along the way ( where are the dolphins and turtles even the sea birds.) and we were given a space which was quite tight between two other boats but David is getting very good at reversing into these spaces my rope throwing skills seem to have deserted me lack of practice and ? Remnants of a broken right shoulder though don’t really think I can use that as an excuse any longer as swimming and have been playing golf!!

As we were coming into the marina on Sunday afternoon there were several motor boats coming in behind us and this became a steady stream well into the evening with their lights on - all returning from their day on the beaches.

We were relieved to find the place seemed much quieter than Calvi or Bonefacio and although it again is on the front with all the restaurants we are on pontoon away from that ( all the super yachts seem to be on the front row) . Interestingly quite a few yachts came in after us and having spoken to a Dutch couple they were also in sheltering from the wind before trying to cross back over to France. All relative because as I’m writing this in the cockpit there is a howling gale blowing - quite a racket with wind noise and halyards clanking. It must be coming over the mountains and down the valley as from the east.

Beautiful sunny day and yesterday was quite hot but today with the wind not unpleasant. Washing has dried well, we have revictualled and David found a chandlery and bought hose to change the front heads pipe at some point so we don’t have a repeat performance of blocked rear heads and trying to empty the pipe again an exceedingly unpleasant task.

Saint Florent is a lovely little town with a small citadel, quaint little back streets with several small squares and although quite a few tourists around it also feels as if many locals too going about their everyday business. We’ve had a couple of good meals - out the first night right on the water front but away from the main front and then last night in one of the squares peaceful but fun to watch the world go by.

Today is Tuesday and we had thought we might try and move on up the cape but in view of the wind and even if we could find an anchorage until this wind abates it could be quite rolly and we do need our sleep!! So a few more sorting out jobs done including this blog but unfortunately in spite of the fact we are paying €103 a night ( one of the most expensive yet) there is no working wi fi ( in town generally) which makes downloading charts and pictures very difficult. So these may well have to follow.

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