Saturday 22nd - Calvi

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Tue 25 Sep 2018 10:50
Our peaceful anchorage became slightly rolly overnight with a swell coming in. I tried to go for a swim but although I got into the water quite easily down the ladder after once round the boat and realising the boat was going up and down quite violently I decided I just needed to get back on board safely which was a challenge.

After breakfast we set off out to head north towards Calvi not actually deciding whether we would get there or find another anchorage but once out of the bay lots of white horses and a downwind sail. Very reminiscent of crossing the Atlantic but perhaps not quite as rolly. Stunning mountainous scenery with the sun behind so just shadows no details of the mountains but quite spectacular. In the event as it would be difficult to find a sheltered anchorage we carried on to Calvi


Still blowing hard but we managed to get onto the pontoon with little problem and it had certainly felt like a hard days sail. The entrance into Calvi was quite spectacular with the citadel on the point as you come round into the harbour. The marina was right on the front so not quiet like the previous two nights and in fact there was music until 1 in the morning.

We really don’t like marinas in the main but at times a necessary evil in order to restock, do the washing and in this case Andrew was leaving the boat to return to England and needed to sort out his return trip which in the end involved train Calvi to Bastia , boat Bastia to Nice and then a flight home.

We had a nice meal out on the water front that night having had a wander around the town earlier full of tourist shops and restaurants and the next morning Andrew left early and we went for a walk along the beach in the hope of finding some breakfast . Good walk but no breakfast so came back bought a baguette and had it on board. We were booked in for two nights and intended to spend the day exploring , doing the washing, victualling the boat but having sat down and looked at the forecast over the next week and the fact we need to arrive in Italy around 1/2 October we decided as strong easterly winds coming in we would move on round the coast into the shelter of Saint Floret at the bottom of Cape Corse and wait for weather to be more favourable for going up the cape and then across to Italy. It was also very hot in he marina and not having slept that well due to the noise we just decided to leave ( failing to visit the citadel but we had already been round the one in Bonefacio!! I did try and get our money back for the second night but ‘pas de reimbursement ‘ sorry Madame!! Ah well.

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