Generator update - Alex

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Thu 11 Dec 2014 21:31

So – still hanging out in Puerto Rico on Gran Canaria awaiting a new generator having established through the local agent and speaking to the UK that ours couldn’t be fixed and even if it could who knows what part might pack up next as it’s thoroughly bathed itself in salt water. Hoping to get  new generator installed early next week but timescales as expected are fluid over here. For entertainment some extracts from the local agent we are working with (our hopeful  translation in brackets):


Good night  David ;
Very bad day, I injured his spine.

Take courage to write and respond to emails; but I suffer hugely .

I stopped, I hope this night will allow me to recover.
Your generator is paid, I still have not received the tracking NO.
For support, I need the picture because there are several model .
Good night ; Best Regards

Hello David ;

Have this cylind bloc  (engine mounting we hope!).

No work because my body not good (off sick with a bad back)

But look at your order . (chasing your generator)

Best regards 




In the meantime David and Dan have removed the old generator and stripped off the useful spares. They also spent an afternoon both in the rear deck  locker reattaching the autopilot drive system which had worked itself worryingly loose. Playing on the beach with the kids, eating our provisions (will need to buy more!) and doing some local exploring. We went by bus  to Puerto de Morgan along the coast the other day and to Las Palmas today. Also found the Carrefour on the island yesterday for restocking with food. It’s massive and stocks almost everything but was significantly further away than we thought so turned into a minor epic mission getting there by taxi and back by bus.


On the plus side it’s generally warm and sunny J