Porto Cervo

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Mon 14 May 2018 19:34

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The anchorage overnight was fine windy yes but no swell so think good sleep had by all. However woke this morning to grey skies and a very chilly wind. No one moved in a hurry and i tried to go for a swim once the sun put in an appearance but got half way down the ladder and the cold wind just didn’t do it for me!!

The men went off to have breakfast ashore and i stayed on the boat and enjoyed my peace. They came back having had a good breakfast at the pizzeria but very cold as quite a long way across the bay.

After much discussion it was decided we should go up to this marina as too windy to anchor anywhere or go out to the Maddelenas.

in the book it refers to the place as ‘yachting hub of Costa Smeralda a millionaires playground built to resemble an ethnic fishing village. in July and August the beautiful people arrive movie stars and rock stars rubbing shoulder to shoulder with royalty and other celebrities’

Well the most expensive marina at144€ but it’s got us out of the wind sort of. Challenge getting in but we managed it not with style but fortunately very helpful Maraniera in his dinghy who took ropes and got the front mooring line. Fortunately not many boats in the marina definitely early in the season and certainly very few people around. No celebrities so far.

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So David and Peter have been for a walk this afternoon to Porto Vecchio where they found all the Prada etc. apparently an attractive spot David and I might walk there in the morning.

Just having a G and T whilst writing the blog and then we are going out for a meal.

Wind due to drop so the plan is to head to Maddalena. We have to get a permit as National Park and Marine Reserve.