Saturday 13th October Imperia

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Mon 15 Oct 2018 08:11

After leaving Loano heading west motoring, clear blue skies so very pleasant we stopped at an island Isola Gallinara. There was an anchorage on one side (private island so not allowed to land ashore) which was out of the slight swell and we weren’t the first people there and not long after we had anchored there seemed to be a continual run of motor boats coming out from the mainland to also enjoy a lovely day at anchor.

We spent about two hours there and both had a swim to the shore and back and lunch and enjoyed the ambience . It really was very pleasant.

We arrived at Imperia a large marina again but this time right in the town and as it turned out the cheapest yet at 39€. Helpful guy to help us reverse onto the pontoon and he said someone would come to us to do the necessary paperwork. This happens every time we enter a marina they want to see the boats documents fill out all our details. David does have the insurance certificate in Italian ( also in Spanish and French) so just gives them a copy and all the boats details and ours are written out and in some cases they will accept this instead of making us fill out the forms and in others no you have to fill out their forms and sign.

The girl that came to do the paperwork said the office is 1.5 km away right on the other side so shows what a large marina it is and certainly there are some very large and different super yachts in here. She tried to convince David we should leave the boat here over the winter for good price! in fact there is another Oyster Yacht larger than ours on the quay here for sale called TOAD!

The plan was to spend one night here and then move a short distance along the coast to San Lorenzo but this morning we had or rather I did a thought that quite a lot of effort to move short distance plus we’d had two days on the boat at sea and it would be quite nice to have a walk as well as explore Imperia.

The walk was about 4 miles the first part along a designated path between the sea and road with a few little bays on the way ( still amazes me how the Italians can sunbathe on the hardest of surfaces including slipways perhaps they just don’t like sand !? ). Plenty of cafes which were busy at 11.00 in the morning however we ended up walking quite some distance on the road which was a bit hairy!! But we made it to the marina we had intended to go to and then there was path along the marina to the far end where the old town was. We did stop for a coffee and break as both quite tired. Below us on the walk along the road was an old railway line but no way to access it might have been safer to walk along that and what we had been told and subsequently found out is that this now defunct railway line from San Lorenzo to beyond San Remo has been turned into a designated cycle path and walkway 24kms. It would be good for Imperia if they did the same from there to San Lorenzo. A cycle track ( and safer walking) with beautiful sea views. Wonder if it is in the pipe line?

Today again was a glorious sunny day and down by the beach and cafes along the cycle track were a lot of bikes and people and surprisingly we heard a lot of French. Definitely a good Sunday out for everyone and we eventually found somewhere for lunch away from the beach front In a little square under a Plane Tree - the leaves just starting to change colour.

Walking along the road we did decide it would be too dangerous to return that way so we were relieved to see a bus stop in the town with a timetable so decided this would be the way we’d return. So after lunch 3.00pm bus which a lot of people were waiting for and we returned very fast to Imperia but we got off the far side of town as we wanted to walk up through the old part to a church on top and explore that part of town before returning to the boat.

So it’s been a busy and fun day and I have also been for a swim as the beach is literally behind the sea wall which is part of the marina. Supper tonight we shall head into town and find the pizza restaurant the girl from the office told us about and recommended ( and Trip Advisor confirms) and said if you say Alice sent you we will get a 10% discount. She tries hard the girl from the office .

An update before I post sadly without pictures as wi Fi seems to be non existent and if there is some it doesn’t load onto my pad. Hopefully I can add some in retrospect.

L’Oasi was an excellent recommendation and it was different you were given a welcome drink ( we not sure what ) and then no choice of pizza but you can have pasta as well. so we were given a pizza with mozzarella on it very tasty and then we followed with pasta again good but wish we’d gone for the two pizzas as the second one being served to all their customers and by now the place was very full with several large tables full of extended Italian families looked very yummy with Gamborini. Ah well - we just weren’t sure of the system but instead we had a rare desert- for me Tiramasu and David Creme caramel and coffee . The atmosphere In a small square Sunday evening was wonderful and will be remembered. I have a good picture but that will have to wait.

Heading to San Remo today having been to look at TOAD 70 ft interesting!!! Woken this morning by church bells and emptying of glass recycling.

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