Day 10 - 126nm

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Mon 29 Dec 2014 13:08
17:43.7N 33:53.77W

Yee How - we moving at last. 6.5 to 7.5 knots even occasionally 8 knots. 12-20 knots of wind though it's direction still quite variable. No steady trade winds yet and we do have a current against us. Overnight a pretty good sail and some miles covered but the wind got up this morning and we have been steaming along. ' Rockin and a rollin' again but we don't mind just great to think we might be getting somewhere. This is the predicted wind though it has come in a little earlier than forecast - let's hope it lasts. At the moment we just have the new cruising Shute up.

Alex and the children are now in Tortola BVI with her cousin so that's good too. We've also heard that Dan's parents have now booked their flight out to Guadeloupe for the beginning of March so that's great news too.

Yesterday's excitement - we caught a fish. Very pretty fish and we did eat it for dinner but we still don't know what it was? It was ok though little bland and I'm relieved to report we are all fine this morning which is good and a relief - so wasn't a forbidden one. Would be nice to know what it was and we have Oli on the case.

Doesn't seem like a lot to report today. I have managed to make yogurt courtesy of a recipe Dan's mum sent me as we are down to our last pot. We still have a couple of Mangoes to eat , few oranges and quite a number of apples but as quartermaster I am being quite conservative in their consumption so we can at least get to the beginning of next week when fingers crossed our arrival date will become more apparent. We have plenty of other foodstuffs and tomatoes and avocados which are slowly ripening in the fridge - we ate one of the avocados yesterday and we do have tins of fruit too. We also have white cabbage and I have started making coleslaw using some jars of shredded carrot we bought in Lanzarote so that's good.

So the little flag on the map should be showing progress and maybe tomorrow ( Dans' birthday ) we can actually say we have passed halfway. Hopefully we can also confirm that the winds have really set in. We never did see Valsheda and it has disappeared off the AIS. Dan has just pointed out that for some reason yesterday we were receiving AIS at 400 miles which was most odd - perhaps there was a relay station on The Cape Verdes?