Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Fri 19 Sep 2014 17:39
It's Friday evening and we have been here since Monday. The wind has remained southerly we have had some very heavy rain mostly during the night and first thing in the morning otherwise it has been sunny and pleasantly warm.

What have we been doing other than checking the BBC weather along with other websites hoping for some change in the weather but more of that later.

After getting all the washing done which was the usual nightmare of marina machines either being used or not working this was finally done. The supermarket was located close to the Marina so a few things purchased but we shall be spending more time victualling the boat tomorrow for fingers crossed an eventual departure.

The centre of Lagos is an attractive old town with narrow cobbled streets and white houses. Very busy with tourists and plenty of restaurants not really our scene but it hasn't been too bad. (Sure there could have been worse places to pass the time of day). We've had a good explore around the town. One day we walked along the beach here on the easterly side quite some distance and found the last cafe on the beach for lunch and then walked back. We enjoyed that . Today we have walked in the opposite direction to a lighthouse on the westerly headland just before you come into Lagos. We had to walk along the road as not obvious where the cliff path was but we managed to find our way back along the cliff tops, pretty rugged country but interesting scenery and some small but pretty busy cove beaches. So we stopped and had lunch at one of them followed by a swim.

Yesterday we hired a car and the four of us went inland to three different white villages one of which was up in the hills behind here. We enjoyed getting out and seeing something different though by the end of the day we were exhausted. As we had the car and because Brad's knees are giving him some trouble especially when he has walked some distance like yesterday we went to one of the beach cafés near here and had an excellent meal. Certainly we have had some good fish dishes. Tonight David and I are going to walk there and try one of the others.

Back to our plans.

Hopefully on Monday (BBC weather forecast etc. still showing the same forecast in next 48hrs) the wind is going northerly although not that strong here but our intention is to set off. The plan is to use the cruising Shute (" snaky ") to help us along until we find more wind out at sea hopefully and motor at night if need be. We would like to go straight to The Canaries as time is moving on and Joy and Brad would like to spend some time in the Canaries before they fly out of Paris on October 12th as would we ( a wee holiday would be good and we would also like to weigh things up so we are familiar with the area before we return in December ) but the Moroccan coast is there if we have any problems or need fuel. We certainly can't motor the whole way to The Canaries.

So watch this space. Photos of the area to follow but another day.

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