Night in port to recover from bout of seasickness

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Sun 4 Jun 2017 08:21
Friday was quite a dull day and Tanya felt quite unwell with the slight swell. No wind so motoring - everywhere was very busy and noisy - a bank holiday weekend in Italy and they are out in force on their boats of.various shapes and sizes and we spent sometime at anchor in a lovely bay on the south coast but music blaring from the beach. Not the tranquility we had been used to . This why we shall be returning home shortly and returning mid September once they have all holidayed.

As I'm writing this on the pontoon in Favignana lots of people are Sauntering down to boats in various attire with picnics getting into boats and there's a veritable amarda heading out to sea to the various bays around the island. Yesterday we found a different bay on our way back from Marsala - much calmer day the sun shone and Tanya wAs ok. The bay was packed with boats many rafted up.

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We are staying put today- Ian, David and Lola have climbed up to the castle before breakfast on their way back. very impressed with Lolas efforts - think she deserves the biggest ice Cream . Tom and Tanya gone to the beach here in the town and we'll report back in a.couple of days