slow and lumpy - the sea!!

Sarah and Graham
Mon 3 Jul 2017 10:33
21 25S 171 57E
Apart from the 1st day, winds very light but the sea has been quite lumpy and have been rolling a lot. At mo we have just 7k E and about a knot of current pushing us SE. Temp has dropped, has been 23 today just nice and right now ( just after 9pm) its still 21 but with the rolling, sleep not great. making good progress on our frozen stuff, shouldnt lose much!!. About 300nM to go but could be another 3 days till we meet Francis who incidently sends us about an email per hour. Claude is back in France at mo on business trip but due back home in 2 days and has a surprise for us?????
Sarah xx
cefi AT mail DOT com