Sarah and Graham
Thu 13 Apr 2017 19:58
16 04S 145 37W
Anchored in the north near village / town of Rotoava just inside Garuae pass. Got here yesterday after a very gentle sail in 10k NE between FP islands of Arutua, Apotaki, Kaukura and Toau, about 150nM in all but took a full 2 days and in 1 night at sea we ended up with nearly 50 flying fish on deck. Reported in on arrival and gendarme recommended a very very rustic shack for dinner which turned out to be owned by his brother but no matter, had the freshest and tastiest skipjack tuna ever. will def be back. For latest pics email my brother, some fantastic scenery and a group of locals from Hararu (we think!)
Sarah xx
cefi AT mail DOT com