last night blues

Sarah and Graham
Fri 14 Jul 2017 10:59
22 17S 166 26E
Just got back to fran's after a lovely last evening here, they have really looked after us very well and will be a real wrench to leave. But leave we must do and tomorrow is the day, Cefi is all prepared and provisioned for our final leg of this voyage and the forecast is pretty good, moderate easterlies and sl to mod swell though we have noticed the temp dropping particularly at night. 
We have managed to get a permanent berth for Cefi in NZ and have decided to rent an apartment or small house for our stay and several agents are lining up properties for us to view. Graham will be starting work almost as soon as we land as the project is ahead of schedule so good job we will not be late and I have been making enquiries about supply teaching and their seems to be a fair demand so we will see.
Will be a few tears on the pontoon tomorrow but its not too long a flight and Claude and fran and kids have all promised to come and visit us, will be nice.
Sarah xx
cefi ATmail DOT com