Losing the wind again

Sarah and Graham
Mon 20 Jun 2016 22:52
15 24N 41 52W
All calm and peaceful out here. Wind has been dropping throughout the day and now down to about 7k still from ENE, swell has also reduced to less than a metre and very long so hardly noticeable. Have steered a bit north of rhumb to squeeze every bit of speed with bonus of a bit less roll but looks like a long slow passage, at mo GPS says 1170 to go. Got an email from yacht Galaxy, about 260nM NW of us heading for St Lucia and they have even less wind than us and were virtually becalmed yesterday. Forecast is for light winds over at least next 3 / 4 days.
Rods were out today but not even a bite in over 4 hours and apart from the flying fish havent seen a bloody thing, ships, wildlife not even birds, just the huge skies which never fail to amaze, is the world still out there!
sarah made a superb prawn and mushroom risotto for tea tonight but we had to ditch what was left of our "fresh" fruit and veg as it was def going off, so more frequent forages in the freezer for frozen deserts. Brought forward the start of our watch system to 8pm and still on 3+3 as this seems to suit us well, though Im off watch at mo and writing this as i cant sleep, temp even now is 26 deg. will make a cuppa and join sarah up top for a bit, trying to identify stars usually makes me dozey!