Avaiu Harbour, Rarotonga

Sarah and Graham
Tue 16 May 2017 12:08
21 12S 159 47W
Gone 1am and cant sleep which is why I have caught up with my emails and I am on my third cup of tea. Got here a couple of days ago, quite good sail in the end winds from E picked up to 15k for the last day and a half. Nightnare with authorities on arrival, they didnt have our paperwork which we sent from Papeete but fortunately they found it eventually and we are moored stern to against the quay. Bit exposed, we are looking directly out to the ocean but at mo wind is from ESE and island gives reasonable shelter. this is a very bustling place, loads of open air bars and hawker street food style eateries and what look like nice restuarants though havent tried any yet. We were surprised just how mountainous the island is, its quite a small island and trees cover most of the mountains. Yesterday we took a local bus that goes around the coastal road and had some terrific views of the coral reef that encircles the island and breakers crashing in from the ocean. There is one sapphire-blue lagoon (forgot the name!) with almost pure white beaches where I think you could live forever. Might go there for a swim and a lazy day, cant really swim in the harbour off Cefi. there are also loads of little settlements nestled on the coastal flatlands, with the island rising up behind them, didnt realise it wa so populated here. Took loads of pics which are now with my brother, I am sure he will be distributing them soon. Mooring here is a bit pricey but we intend to stay at least a few days before exploring some of the cook islands
Oooh that was a yawn, might try my bunk again, Graham hasnt budged since he dropped off at 10ish, typical!
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