cant sleep!

Sarah and Graham
Tue 9 Aug 2016 07:00
Its hot! and humid and have taken to separate bunks in an attempt to prevent each other being woken by other tossing and turning - failed, have just met up for cup of tea.
But at least we are in a bug free zone. We watched the little blighters yesterday circumvent our nets. We asked around at the marina and learned that as well as conventional mossies , the bugs that are more trouble are chigras ans coloradilla. We bought some really fine net and elastic and an oil for our hurricane lamps that sort of smells of lime, our citranella did nothing. Anyway after much aggros with needle and thread we seem to have stopped the pesky mites from getting in, even made close fitting nets for our wind chutes and the new fuel for the lamps amazingly does seem to keep most of them away from the cockpit. Amazingly though neither of us has actually been bitten which is more than I can say for poor Ann Marie. We went to dinner with their family last night at the marina hotel, very nice but her lower arm was swelled up like a baloon. She said it had been much bigger earlier, looked very sore.
Our agent, Enrique came by yesterday in a very flashy speed boat. He suggested departing for Rio Chagris not a good idea as authorities may change arrangements or visit at short notice, but the marina area and nearby fort sherman are very pleasant so we will take his advice.
Will try the sack again, night!