Terschelling, Frisian Isles

Sarah and Graham
Sat 1 Aug 2015 19:42
53 21N 5 13E
Had a really good sail today with the coast in view most of the time and anchored near the marina on Terschelling, which from what we saw sailing in is a gorgeous island with great beaches. Last few miles we were escorted in by a pod of dolphins and there are loads of seals around. Originally this was just a stop over as we didnt fancy the channels to Ijsselmeer in anything but full daylight, but we may well stay a few days and explore.
Last night was as uncomfortable as anticipated with the swell, very wallowy especially when the wind died to just a few knots so none of us got much rest and are all knackered so its an early night in flat calm conditions with the song of birds filling the air, though we dont recognise the calls. Books and the web will be interrogated in the morning.
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