Plymouth Sign Off

Sarah and Graham
Fri 21 Aug 2015 19:24
We are moored up on the yards pontoon (which we never would have found in the dark!) and there is a cradle in the yard with Cefi's name on it, they have told us she is 1st lift on Monday. The surveyor came to see us today and it turns out he has loads of experience with Moody hulls as they were built not more than 2 miles from where we are and he was involved with certification or something. Anyway he is doing the survey on Wednesday.
We have taken the advice of one of our "followers", Ben who suggested to get over shore life blues, the best remedy is to take a holiday and that is exactly what we are going to do, have booked flights to Majorca from exeter for next saturday and staying in a very upmarket hotel - a week of sun and luxury al the way. we are not even going home, thanks Ben!
Its a bit industrial where we are so we are not dissapointed to be checking into a local B&B from sunday and we wil probably need the week to buy clothes and everything else we need for holiday. My brother arrives tomorrow with the transit which will be loaded with sails, sprayhood, bimini, covers, dinghy and outboard, bedding and all the soft furnishings, most of which were soaked several times, clothes and gear we dont want to leave on board like computers and sat phone and all the other sailing para etc. So looks like a busy week.
Still no decision about what to do next year. Graham has arranged a meting with his new contract Company to find out exactly what their time frames are and we will make a decision after that. So its sign off time after a very different cruise, def not the lie out on deck and soak up the sun cruise we are used to, but much more varied and interesting with some terrific sailing. and in 9 years of long distance cruising this has been the cheapest by a long way - we cant beleive just how little money we have spent over 5+ months on the water.
Finally, thanks to everyone who has contacted us with information, encouragement, advise, suggestions and comment - all has been much appreciated. it a bit odd but we have no idea of just how many people apart from friends and family follow our blog but we hope you enjoyed what we had to say.
Till next year
Sarah and Graham