still got the northerlies

Sarah and Graham
Wed 18 May 2016 16:26
32 56N 11 46 W
Yes, we still have the northerlies and better still they are forecast for at least next 3 days. Bit less strong, at mo 14k and seas have abated (a bit!) though the odd big wave tries to catch us out, so far we have only broached once and we hauled in the drogues this morning. Frido is still only 12 miles ahead, they have both suffered from the dreaded mal de mer and sounds like they have been rolling badly, all of which probably explains why we are so close to them.
Sky is blue, nights very chilly but up to 18deg today and conditions are such that we can cook OK so life aboard Cefi is just fine.
Thanks for all your messages, think I have answered all, shout if you havent got a reply!