Were off

Sarah and Graham
Fri 6 May 2016 18:39
49 45N 3 58W
about 33nM down track. Left just after midday after a very boozy and noisy evening last night with friends and family and lets say we were a bit sluggish this morning. Glad to be off at last in glorious weather, flat seas and with a very good forecast. At mo only about 10k wind from east so looks like a gentle first night at sea. In the last hour we lost sight of the very last bit of UK and have that en passage feeling, mix of emotions and excitement that we have experienced so many times before. Cefi is performing just great despite being loaded to the limit and we have just finished a dartmouth crab dinner, delicious. Will be getting into our watch pattern soon, I'm taking 9 til midnight; with just the 2 of us we prefer 3on and 3 off but with all the excitement and adrenalin it doesnt always work out until after a few days at sea, so we'll see.
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