Sarah and Graham
Thu 13 Aug 2015 10:48
50 42N 1 06W
had a lovely evening last night in Seaview meeting up with solent based old friends and reliving this years voyage. We all agreed on shore highlight being St Petersburg and sailing high approaching Norway coast from iceland. Toasts all round especially to Andrew who has been invaluable not just as a third hand but for adding to the onboard cruise humour!!!!!
We have just waved farewell to him as Margaret and Steve have taken him back to Gosport with them to catch a London train from Portsmouth. Feel a bit deflated this morning, and the gloomy weather doesnt help, didnt even manage to see any shooting stars last night but maybe that was down to the grog?
Not been in Bembridge for years and berthing arrangements have changed, cant use the marina anymore but instead there is a very long pontoon that is connected to the Duver, for those that know the area and facilities are great. Almost everything else is more or less as we remember it. We will stay here today and probably leave on the midday high tide tomorrow and spend a few days in Yarmouth, hopefully avoiding the Cowes week brigade before heading west.
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