Decisions made

Sarah and Graham
Fri 31 Jul 2015 21:00
53 52N 7 47E
Just passed Jade 2 bouy en route Ijsselmeer. Decided to take the standing mast route through Amsterdam, then across North Sea and along south coast England as we decided to once again winter Cefi somewhere on the channel coast. Anyway thats the plan, the only one we could all agree on!
Left Cuxhaven after a somewhat bumpy night (swell ugh) this afternoon and glad to say that Summer seems to have returned to these parts, this being first day for a while that Eberspacher hasnt been fired up. Andrew is very glad to be back on board, even in Vilnius it is incredible the lives his relatives lead, very traditional, even though most of them are highly qualified professional people, links with their past is very strong, hence their absolute joy at Andrew attending his sisters wedding.
Winds have been moderate NW, with a rather unpredictable swell, so we are rolling quite a bit, should make for an interesting night. Staying south of the very busy shipping lanes and not all the shipping sticks to it, we got uncomforatbly close to one of them Seago Istanbul that had to be a good 2 miles south of the shipping channel. Andrew was loaded up with a number of stewpots before he left which just need heating up, we had one tonight and must say it was a hearty meal, very warming. I am on watch from 2 so just heading for my bunk and hopefully get a little shut eye before work!
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