last day on mainland Panama

Sarah and Graham
Thu 18 Aug 2016 16:31
This is a super anchorage. Been chilling on board most of the time but had dinner last night at the Balboa yacht club on the causeway (lovely seafood!) with an American couple we have befriended keeping an eye on Cefi. We met Lance and Issy on Dazzler yesterday after a visit from officialdom. They, presumably immigration or customs, just turned up and quite aggressively asked for something in Spanish we think, dont really know what. We showed then our permit, they grunted and went to visit Dazzler and then most of the other anchored yachts. Afterwards Lance rowed over to ask what they wanted from us. They dont have a domestic Zarpe but the officials didnt seem to care but charged them $10, they think for anchoring! Rules here seem to depend on who is enforcing them!!
Lance told us about a good source of provisions that are delivered to the boat, we ordered yesterday afternoon and it all arrived on the dot of the agreed 10am this morning, exactly what we ordered and all looks very good produce. We were only just up - when we got back from yacht club we passed by Dazzler to say thanks and they invited us aboard for drinks with some other friends they had made and to cut a long story short we were not back on Cefi till 2.
Going to las Perlas tomorrow, about 50nM for a day or two. Lovely anchorage here with great views but swimming not recommended but apparently the beaches on the Las Perlas archipelego are spectacular with crystal clear water despite the islands being a bit run down, anyway we will see. Then its on to Polynesia, whoopee