Seydisfjoer at anchor

Sarah and Graham
Sat 25 Apr 2015 09:50
65 15N 13 46W
at anchor in the very sheltered fjord called Seydisfjoer, it is blowing 30k but we are hardly moving. Wind got up in the night to about 25k from NW and then N which gave us a very bumpy and wet last 30miles or so and we took refuge! Didnt see any sea ice, but that doesnt mean to say it wasnt there.
Very beautiful here and there are a couple of smallish towns / villages around the fjord so we wil ride out the weather here whilst watching the ice reports for Norway and make decisions in the next day or so; can smell the Sat morning breakfast, thos eof you who have sailed with us wil know the tradition, so you will have to excuse me now
cefi at mail dot com