Day 1

Sarah and Graham
Fri 26 Aug 2016 17:55
6 13N 78 36W   1600UTC
144nM 24hr run almost due south in SW / WSW 12 - 15k and 1 - 2 m swell, currently doing 5.5k on 176. Very hot, at mo cabin temp is 32, had a few heavy showers. For first 5 or 6 hours yesterday we were constantly dodging tankers and cargo ships making their way to canal and seemingly coming from every direction, dont think they understand channels! Good sailing and settled well into our watch pattern though we both spent our off watch time during the night nodding off in cockpit. Only 2 flying fish on board this morning, little tiddlers at that. Rods will be out later, hes after mahi mahi - we will see!!
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