Lyme bay

Sarah and Graham
Wed 19 Aug 2015 20:22
50 10N 2 57W
About half way across Lyme bay and let out a big cheer as we notched up the 100,000th mile in Cefi a couple of hours ago. Wind is flukey, at mo about 10k from W and its raining, lovely - watches tonight will be a great laugh! Shame as this will be our last night at sea on this years voyage, you think we could have had a spectacular red sunset! Never mind.
Should be into Plymouth around daybreak. My brother is driving the Transit down at the weekend which is great as we can shift everything off the boat before the lift and sort it all out at home, always a sad event unloading the boat. The freezer is all but empty, there was one fish at the bottom when I looked earlier and I didnt recognise it so that might go over the side before we dock. Perhaps the biggest boat related thing to note this trip is that we are ending it with everything working, not that we ahvent had to do repairs and maintenance etc en route but no catastrophic failures.
As usual Im getting very emotional so cheers for now before the tears ruin the keyboard