sleigh ride to finistere

Sarah and Graham
Sat 13 Sep 2014 09:50
42.56N 9.30W about 10m off Finistere
had some big following seas through the night and wind up to 22kts - had to take down the big spinny as was surfing down waves at 12+k and coming to a teeth jarring halt in the troughs. Very exhilirating but nobody got any sleep. Winds still generally southerly but as we are getting NE of the low getting a bit of SSE, at mo 16kts at about 160 and seas have calmed considerably. Forecast to go easterly as we cross Biscay and go lighter, we think we will miss the worst of the low coming in.
last of the bacon for breaky this morning, apart from watch we are all staying below most of time as getting chilly, thermometer says 17 but I dont beleive it!! All in good spirits and sounds as though quite a few friends are planning to greet us in Falmouth so looking forward to that