Shelter bay, near Cristobal

Sarah and Graham
Sat 6 Aug 2016 20:46
9 22N 79 56W
Arrived mid morning together with Seraya, a memebr of the transit group and anchored in Shelter bay which is very pleasant except for the mossies. First thing we did was covered ourselves in spray. graham and Rolph have been ashore, met our agent who had organised permits and took them to the immigration office in cristobal and jumped the queue and all was done in a couple of hours. All of the boats are being measured / inspected on Tuesday and the agent thinks we will probably transit either Friday or Sat. Graham said he wouldnt have felt comfortable doing the official bits on his own and gratefully handed over the agents fee. All but one of us are here now and anchored pretty close to each other and the last boat, the only other Uk one, Juniper is due to arrive during tonight. 
Cristobal which is about 2.5 miles across the bay from where we are doesnt sound very safe, the agent told Graham and Rolf to only visit in daylight and use taxis rather than walk anywhere, touristy activities are not advised and neither is leaving an unattended dinghy so I think we will confine our onshore activities to the facilities around the marina and the San Lorenzo National Park alongside the anchorage despite the mossies!
Very exciting actually being here and at least the rain has stopped.