On dry land, Papeete

Sarah and Graham
Sun 16 Oct 2016 18:11
17 32S 149 34W
For those of you not in email contact we arrived in papeete on Friday after a really relaxing gentle sail and are now 3 storeys up in our rented apartment, which is actually very pleasant and with great views, NOT!
Cefi is in the yacht harbour awaiting her lift which we think will be done early as they need the space afloat. This week we intend to strip our comms out and take the whole lot back to Uk with us to get it sorted properly. We feel very strange with walls around us, feels a bit claustrophobic, which is a strange thing to say coming from a small boat!
I will get around to everyones email now we have wifi, please be patient, there are lots!
cefi AT mail DOT com