slow progress

Sarah and Graham
Wed 10 Sep 2014 09:29
38 52N 009 45W just north of separation lanes off Lisbon, weather good with light winds from south so progress slow, doing 4k at moment and rolling quite a bit in about 3m swell but on plus side slow enough for the fishing. Winds expected to pick up a bit later today so things should improve. Graham has spent ages contacting marinas etc for a winter berth and looks like Cefi will spend the winter in Falmouth and weather permitting we are intending to head straight there. Is lovely to have fresh fruit and veg aboard and we are in a sort of lazy mood lying around in sun contemplating journeys end.
Got an email from our friends on Carousel saying they have just got in to Lagos so the rigging didnt hold them up too much but they got a guy out to inspect it who said he didnt know how the mast stayed up!!! Anyway its big bill time for them - ouch. Come to think about it we are not that much better off in that department as we have made so many repairs to both our gennies and the spinnakers that all will probably need repalcing over the winter.
Not been able to find out what happened to our blogs pre Sept but at least all those eembarrasing pics have been lost too!!
Love to all S