off Saaremaa, Estonia

Sarah and Graham
Sat 30 May 2015 09:14
58.19N 21 24E
About 15 miles west of Saaremaa just east of the main shipping lanes which are incredibly busy. If its Saturday it has to be Estonia! Weather is very changeable here, had heavy rain and glorious warm sunshine in less than a few hours, winds virtually non existent and up to 25k within minutes but sea is consistently flat, very little swell so very comfortable, fishing rods deployed but as yet the Baltic fish are not obliging. At mo we have about 8k wind from S with a very variable forecast.
As it is saturday the bacon has been sizzling this morning and as the sun was out, it was breaky in the cockpit. Having to be a bit careful with the cooking as one thing we forgot to do in Norway was to replace the calor and we are well into our last cylinder, hope we can get some in St P., almanac says we can, we will see??
Phil and Careena, if you are following us, good luck and best wishes for today, we are thinking of you.
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