Shellbacks across the equator

Sarah and Graham
Sun 4 Sep 2016 08:14
0.00 94 50W    0650UTC
We tried desparately to make it for midnight local time (0600UTC) but have been slowing down since about midday yesterday and just missed. We did however don our, now pretty shabby, neptune stuff and my King!!! gave me a lovely kiss and we celebrated with one of our few bottles of bubbly. Didnt need to throw any water on each other as heavens did a very good job of that for us. We sailed along the equator for about half an hour and now we are in southern hemisphere, first time on Cefi.
Winds have gone light, at mo 6k from SE but we expect this only to last another 12 hours or so. Swell is slight and temp has dropped to mid 20s so apart from the occasionally flapping main its very gentle sailing and Im off to my bunk, night
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