still slow

Sarah and Graham
Mon 25 May 2015 10:48
58 05N 5 42E
Winds still light but at least now from W and NW. Bit more shipping around here, seen several oil tankers and general cargo ships particularly coming out of Stavanger but so far only seen one other yacht, just after first light very early this morning heading north, think bearing a dutch flag.
At least conditions allow us to cook properly and do maintenace tasks  and sleep uninterrupted which is a god send. Had more of our fjord caught cod last night and we heated up some Glogg we bought which was very warming, in fact that is probably why we slept so well! hope the dark hours night watch didnt succumb, I wasnt on deck till 4 and Graham was def ready for his bunk, I made him a hot chocolate to see him on his way, what service!
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