and its still raining!

Sarah and Graham
Mon 27 Mar 2017 16:48
16.00S 149 10W
just after sunrise which was largely obliterated by cloud but it has just stopped raining. Sometimes its drizzle, sometimes very heavy and sudden downpours and sometimes quite violent thunderstorms. Wind has gusted up to 20+k occasionally but pretty contant at about 15k and at mo is from east. Quite pronounced swell with plenty of solid water on deck. Have been doing approx 60nM tacks either side of rhum and have logged 220nM with probably 2 long tacks and a short one to go. With our past experiences our comms are switched off most of the time and only on like now when there is no risk of any impact from the heavens. Fresher is out of site, they radioed in about 20 mins ago and are about 12nM ahead of us on a similar tack pattern. Forecast is for wind to drop quite a bit, staying E and latest we got shows no more thunderstorms this week, hooray!!
Cheers for now
S xx
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