La Playita

Sarah and Graham
Tue 16 Aug 2016 18:48
8 55N 79 32W
Came out of the marina late morning and now anchored off the causeway about 100m from a beautiful sandy beach with a fantastic view of the Panama sky line across the bay.
Well, Panama was nothing like we expected. Spent all day yesterday there. the old town in particular was a surprise; beautiful plazas, loads impressive churches and palaces and generally great architecture and all very atmosheric. Had lunch there in an oldy worldly bistro. The glass fronted high rises in the new town were equally impressive, some offices some residential but loads of them and the whole place looked very modern clean and yes, safe! Some lovely cafes, expensive shops and cafe culture obviously very strong. We were not exactly dressed for the nicer restuarants so snacked last night on ceviche in a water front bar, watching the sun go down with a glass of the local atlas beer. Wonderful.
Thanks for your emails, glad you all liked the pics of the canal etc and just to embarrass helen, I think our line handlers were all single!!!! Not sure of our immediate plans, may well make use of our Panama permit for a few days before setting out west which after all, is the main reason we are out here.