our anchorage

Sarah and Graham
Thu 7 May 2015 23:03
Took dinghy ashore to "mainland" this afternoon and remembered to take the camera. In a local village Aarsund met a fellow sailor that told us that the better fjords are south of Molde so after a few days exploring here that will be our next destination. lovely to walk around without heavy coats and as you can see the sun shone, well for about an hour!. Our new Norwegian friend embarrased us a bit as he knew more about the Uk election than we did which I know isnt that much, he also warned us to be wary of the many Ro Ro ferries around here, as they are known not to take prisoners!, we did see one just after leaving Kristiansund this morning but fortunately he was too far away to present any problem.
Kieran, we had wifi at marina last night, sent you a mail about you know what, no rush but let me know what you think
cefi at mail dot com

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