plan - what plan?

Sarah and Graham
Wed 15 Apr 2015 16:44
62 26N 22 19W
Well we didnt need have worried about arriving in the dark!! About 9ish last night the wind died and has been a gentle 5 - 10k ever since from anywhere between SE and SW which has meant we have only logged 103 miles in the last 24, ugh and still 130 to go so ETA probably late tomorrow afternoon or evening.
Has however given us the opportunity to tidy up and eat properly but there is still quite a swell and at slow speed we have been rolling alot. Phosporescence last night was stunning, probably strongest  and most vivid ever seen. Temp on deck was 1 degree after dark last night even with some eberspacher warmed air filtering out from the cabin and we are beginning to notice longer twilights. We measured what we call true daylight yesterday and it was about 13.5 hours so not exactly in the land of midnight sun yet! We all had reasonable sleep last night and today has not exactly been taxing, fishing rods have been out but the only catch (by Andrew) was about a 6lb red spindly looking fish that we couldnt find in our fish identity book, so we threw it back just in case, where is all the cod, haddock and mackerel that they say is out here?
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