change of plans

Sarah and Graham
Sun 29 Mar 2015 09:37
Life afloat is never straight forward! Andrew cannot now join us till at least end of next week and we dont really want to stay in Cork, well actually Crosshaven, till then we plan to wait for the current 30 knot westerlies to die down, looks like Tuesday and then explore Bantry, Dingle and Brandon Bays and then meet And in Galway. so will delay full offshore provisioning till Galway. 
Took a taxi into Cork city yesterday, dont ask the price!!, as we have never been and we had been told it is the place to buy kitl it was bustling. We took a bus tour through centre, along quay (there is a small marina there) and past some "historic landmarks" described with irish vigour that we think was made up as they went along - but was a pleasant enough hour. Had lunch in a pub, not great, would describe as potatoes with some boiled ham hock and stewed veggies but Graham was nourished and fortified by the Guiness! The chandlers in the city were useless but we did eventually find a very good one called CH Marine miles out of the city (another expensive taxi) and we are now sporting new HL offshore kit at a fantastic price compared to back home.