Sarah and Graham
Thu 9 Jul 2015 10:01
As I said before this really is a lovely island. Went for a walk over to the west side yesterday, made us glad we are in the shelter of the island! There are wild orchids growing among the trees and also what look like irises but they are yellow???. Some very old trees incl apple and lime and maybe walnut??? but quite dense and almost spooky in the depth of the woods. Came across some more deer and saw a few goats but they ran off as soon as they detected us. Also came across a few houses and there is an info centre cum library which has free wifi! better than Ceredigion!.
We walked back via the north coast, where there are some very nice views of Saaremmaa, and via the small harbour about half mile from our anchorage. To our surprise a British yacht had moored, called Benjo, a Benetau but no one on board but this is the first Brit yacht we have seen since Ireland. Will wander back to the harbour this afternoon to see if anyone aboard. Weather is improving, in fact is good to depart but until Saturday the west coast of Gotland is getting a hammering and as Vilby is a bit exposed, we dont want to arrive until calmer conditions prevail. But in the meantime we are enjoying the tranquility of Abruka.
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