Newtown Creek

Sarah and Graham
Mon 17 Aug 2015 11:39
50 43N 1 24W
Had a spectacular view of fastnet fleet yesterday as they drifted down the solent and all bunched up as they tacked through Hurst and away towards St albans head, even at a fair distance some of them looked huge and cant beleive how much boat speed they managed in virtually no wind. We raised aglass or two to a safe passage for all and recalled the fastnets we have done in somewhat heavier weather; guess with the continuing light winds it will be a very slow and frustrating voyage for quite a few.
Anyway no wind this morning so we motored over to Newtown Creek, surprisingly few boats here considering it is August and a nice day today. graham is preparing lunch at mo and this afternoon we are going to take the Newtown walk aroung the nat trust reserve and across the salt marshes maybe taking in a pub.
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