Sarah and Graham
Tue 17 May 2016 21:46
34 51N 11 09W
The guys that said it was rough out here were def not kidding. HUge waves and often very confused seas. We have only had max 22k of wind mainly from N and NE but we have drogues deployed to prevent us from gybing uncontrollably as we surf down the backs of the waves, then in the troughs wind drops to about 10k. Big ships heading north have really been slamming into the seas with quite spectacular all engulfing spray.
Bit different to the voyage down to Sines and surprisingly Frido is only 10miles ahead of us so relatively we are coping with conditions better. Neither of us slept last night and feel a bit jaded today. Graham brought me up some soup at the end of my watch about an hour ago and said he thought things were getting a bit calmer, lol, think we are just getting used to open ocean sailing!