adverse currents

Sarah and Graham
Fri 2 Sep 2016 19:02
1 21N  93 30W      1900 UTC
Winds holding steady and much more S and SSE, swell now only half metre or so but we have encountered about 1k adverse current. According to our charts this should be at least 200nM north of us!! Anyway we are now taking a more southerly course to pick up the west going equatorial current. Graham caught 2 more snappers this morning and something big that genuinly got away. It ran off at terrific pace , Graham hauled it in for about an hour before it escaped, we think it may have been an amberjack. Been very clear today, no rain again, the skies are huge and temp is climbing again 29 this afternoon down below but it is quite cool at night so we havent had much trouble sleeping.
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