Suva - but we are'nt staying!

Sarah and Graham
Sun 25 Jun 2017 19:01
18 09S 178 25E
Got in on Thursday after a pretty uneventful passage, the later part being between the lau group islands - lots of them!. Passed through Greenwich meridian and broke out our last bottle of booze from Uk, prossecco - what else!
Had a nightnare with officialdom here, the biosecurity people took exception to our freezer full of food, even the freeze dried stuff and I think we were lucky that all they eventually confiscated were 2 frozen chickens - probably for their dinners. Did eventually get them, customs and immigaration to clear us and we now have a sailing permit.
We had intended to stay here a while but chatting to fellow cruisers anchored near us, there has recently been a lot of theft from cruising yachts and it is just not advisable to leave a yacht anchored with no one aboard, even for an hour or two. So tomorrow we are off up around the coast to Nanukuloa (on recommendation) but without our chickens.
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