Sarah and Graham
Thu 16 Jul 2015 12:53
57 05N 18 16E
Good forecast today for moderate westerlies so we left early and had a cracking sail down the coast in 15 - 18k W, to a big inlet near the southern end of the island and are anchored across the bay north of Burgsvik. Forecast for tomorrow is similar so we will probably depart for Klaipeda, about 130nM SE well in time for Andrew's rendezvous.
Explored the boat shaped burial site yesterday, phew! Was a 5km walk out of town and we had 2km to get to town, fortunately a very timely bus arrived for the journey back. was well worth it though, havent seen anything like it, they reckon it is a very high status burial but apart from that there is total speculation on who, why and why here etc.
Anchorage at Klintehamn was lovely and very sheltered but with a good view of the ferries and fishing boats etc coming and going and weather generally has perked up. The skip from one of the swedish boats anchored near us rowed over last night to say hi and told us that come August all the anchorages around Gotland get very crowded as its a popular holiday destination for Danes, Swedes and Norweigans and usually warm and settled weather. We asked him about checking in to Lithuania as there are conflicting reports in pilots and cruising notes; surprisingly he had never sailed there, apparently cruising is not that developed yet and most swedes prefer the east coast of Sweden north of Stockholm. 
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