Sarah and Graham
Tue 12 May 2015 16:41
62 54N 7 27E
Last few days we have been sitting under the centre of a low with winds from all directions and according to gribs around 25k out to sea, so we stayed put and cleaned the boat! we have been on board since mid March and it was def time for a deep clean. Got the tumbler out as well so have an almost full set clean clothes. Graham and Andrew had a swim in the fjord yesterday afternoon, didnt stay in long and all they said was it was refreshing as they headed for the brandy bottle. The water yesterday was so clear we could see our anchor chain on the botton, we are in about 12m water, and could see the fish we were trying to catch. Have landed several coalfish, one was over 5kg and they make really tasty eating. 
Such a peaceful and beautiful anchorage we were reluctant to leave but we motored today to a little inlet at Eide at the junction of Kornstad and Kvernus fjords behing the island of Averoeya which is only a couple of miles from open sea but still well sheltered and with a good forecast we will head south in the morning.